Released in the UK September 2020
Released in the US September 2020


Royale Hardback 234 X 156 | 464 Pages
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BISAC – REL067000

Therefore the Truth I Speak

Scottish Theology 1500 – 1700

Donald Macleod

The Scottish church was forever altered by the arrival of the Reformation in the sixteenth century. Its legacy endured, and provoked a flurry of theological re–examinations which form the foundation for much of our modern understanding of Reformed Theology. In this informed and accessible historical study, Donald MacLeod, one of Scotland’s current leading theologians, looks to the past to assess the impact of prominent theologians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, always with an eye to demonstrating how their writings speak to contemporary challenges facing the Church today.

Donald Macleod
Donald Macleod retired as the Principal of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh in 2010. Regarded as one of Britain’s most prominent theologians he has written extensively on a wide range of issues.

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