Released in the UK July 2020
Released in the US July 2020


Trade paperback | 128 Pages
9781527106055 • £7.99 $9.99

BISAC – REL012120

Grace, Faith and Glory

Freedom in Christ

Dominic Smart

What is legalism? Wearing hats? Not wearing hats? Raising your hands in worship – or not? What is freedom from legalism? Doing your own thing? Not according to Dominic Smart. Legalism is, he points out, the belief that we can make and keep ourselves right with God by the keeping of rules and regulations. Pointing out how often churches collude in this deception, he gives us the antidotes to legalism and shows us how it robs the Christian of joy and assurance, but also robs God of the glory that is rightfully His. This is a book to challenge your thinking and behaviour, one to read and meditate on. Let it transform your life!

Dominic Smart
(1959 – 2020) Originally from Yorkshire, Dominic Smart was minister of Gilcomston Church in Aberdeen from 1998 to 2015. An author and conference speaker, he was married to Marjorie and they have four grown–up children.

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