Released in the UK January 2021
Released in the US January 2021


Paperback | 24 Pages
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Read Myself: 12-16
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BISAC – YAN006090

Do You Still Love Me?

Emanuela Plantenga

Emanuela was brought up in communist Romania. Her parents were Christians but when Emanuela’s mother discovered she was suffering from breast cancer things changed for the whole family. Emanuela began to doubt God’s love – does he love me all the time, or only when I’m good? Emanuela’s mother died and the young woman’s doubts continued to grow at University. Why did Jesus have to die for her when she didn’t do all the ‘bad’ sins that others did. Why did her mother have to die?

Emanuela came to discover over time and through God’s grace that God loved her all the time even when she didn’t obey him. All the bad things that can happen in your life Jesus can turn for good. 

Emanuela Plantenga

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