Released in the UK September 2021
Released in the US September 2021


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The Trial of the 16th Century

Calvin & Servetus

Jonathan Moorhead

The execution of Michael Servetus (1511–53) is one of the most debated events in the life of John Calvin (1509–1564). It has left an indelible stain on his reputation and the retelling of the story is often dependent on the historian’s relationship to Calvinism. Jonathan Moorhead here seeks to give a faithful narrative of the role of John Calvin in the execution of Michael Servetus. He examines the life of Servetus, with emphasis given to his education, publications, and relationship with John Calvin.

Jonathan Moorhead
Jonathan Moorhead (PhD—Dallas Theological Seminary; MDiv,ThM—The Master’s Seminary) has served with The Master’s Academy International in Russia and the Czech Republic since 2008 and specializes in Church History, Theology, and Apologetics. Jonathan and his wife Sharon have five children: Nahum, Isaac, Jesse, Jonas, and Miriam.

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