Released in the UK September 2021
Released in the US September 2021


Trade paperback | 176 Pages
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BISAC – REL012040


An Invitation to Wonder

Justin Huffman

We are starving for want of wonder. In what we perceive to be the desert wasteland of daily life and regular responsibilities, our souls hunger for more. God tells us, over and over again, to focus our starving souls on the superb reality of who He is, what He is doing, and what He promises to do for all who trust in Him. And God’s invitation to glory in Him is nowhere more explicit than in the repeated command to ‘Behold.’ Justin O. Huffman invites us to meditate on ten of the occasions the command ‘Behold’ is used in the New Testament, and to feast on the wonderful truth we find there.

Justin Huffman
Justin Huffman is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and pastored in the USA for 20 years. He is lead pastor of Morningstar in Toronto, where he lives with his wife Chau and their four children. Justin strives to awake wonder through God’s Word at justinhuffman.org and the Daily Devotion app.

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