Released in the UK November 2021
Released in the US November 2021


Trade paperback | 192 Pages
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BISAC – REL012130


How the Bible Exalts and Dignifies Women

Karen Soole

There is a widespread belief that the Bible is sexist. However, the principle of equality is established in the first pages of the Bible, and its message exalts and dignifies both men and women. Bible teacher, conference speaker and author Karen Soole shares what she has discovered as she has read the Bible and grappled with it over many years.

She takes us through the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation and challenges the reader to decide whether God is offering life and liberation, or suffocation and oppression. It is an invitation to meet and know the God of the Bible, and to view his Word through the lens of his character.

Karen Soole
Karen oversees Women’s Ministry at Trinity Church, Lancaster. She is the chair of the Northern Women’s Convention and Women’s Ministry Director for Anglican Mission in England. Author of ‘Unleash the Word’. She has been teaching the bible for over thirty years.

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