Released in the UK January 2022
Released in the US January 2022


Trade paperback | 192 Pages
9781527107878 • £8.99 $12.99

BISAC – BIO018000

10 Women Who Overcame Their Past

Dayspring MacLeod

This book contains the stories of ten women whose circumstances and choices led them to a place that seemed far removed from the fruitful, joy–filled life we are called to live in Christ. But each of their stories is a testament to the work God does through his imperfect children. Their stories will encourage and inspire, and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles.

Dayspring MacLeod
Dayspring MacLeod splits her heart between her home country of America and her newer home of Scotland. She has considerable experience in writing for the Christian community, including a devotional column in an evangelical magazine and Christian biographies for both children and adults. She is also an editor and writes fiction in her spare time. Find her blog at mostreliable.wordpress.com.

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