Released in the UK January 2022
Released in the US January 2022


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BISAC – REL012030

Understanding Family Worship

Its History, Theology and Practice

Terry L. Johnson

The practice of family worship has been a foundation stone of faith for many families across many generations. In his book The Family Worship Book, Terry L. Johnson aided families to have meaningful times of devotion together. In this supplement to The Family Worship Book he seeks to strengthen and enrich those devotions. He begins by looking at the godly home, which provides the vital context for family worship. Then the biblical and theological arguments for daily family worship in are examined drawing from the Old and New Testaments as well as the classic authors. He then moves on to develop the elements or practices of which family worship consists, as well as helpful tips for establishing the discipline practice of family worship. Finally, he discusses catechizing. 

Terry L. Johnson
Terry Johnson is the senior minister of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia, which he has served since 1987.

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