Released in the UK January 2022
Released in the US January 2022


Pocket paperback | 144 Pages
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Read Myself: 9–14
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BISAC – JNF049180

Jack Turner

Truth in the Arctic

David Luckman

Jack Turner was a trained pharmacist and pastor who went to the Arctic to translate God’s Word into the native language. It was a world of snow and hunting and anyone who lived there had to become familiar with the ways of living in the Arctic. Ten weeks out of every year the sun never set and for three months the world was in complete darkness.

The spiritual darkness of the North was being pushed back by the power of the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ that Jack Turner followed. But danger is around every corner in the wild North – and Jack runs into trouble.

David Luckman
David Luckman is the Church Planter at Hilden Community Church in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. He is married to Sarah and has two daughters.

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