Released in the UK May 2022
Released in the US May 2022


Trade paperback | 160 Pages
9781527108363 • £8.99 $12.99

BISAC – REL012120

Hidden Agendas

Demands of the Heart that Stop Us Loving God and Others

David A. Smith

This book lifts the lid on the human heart, seeking to uncover the hidden agendas that stop us from loving God and others as we should. David Smith uses four biblical pictures to help us consider these agendas that are often hidden so deep within our hearts that we are unaware of them. Using examples from the Bible, he uncovers the desire to be significant; to have certainty; the desire to have peace, safety, and security; and the desire for our own fulfilment. David helpfully finishes the book with guidance on how to journey towards the heart agendas God wants us to have.

David A. Smith
David Smith is International Director for IBCM Network and Academic Dean for Australian College of Christian Studies. He is the author of ‘The Model Church’ and lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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