Released in the UK May 2022
Released in the US May 2022


Pocket paperback | 144 Pages
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BISAC – JNF049180

Charles Simeon

For Christ in Cambridge

George F. MacLean

Charles Simeon was smart and well turned out and enjoyed all the pleasures that life offered a well educated young man in the 1700s studying at Cambridge University. His interest in religion, however, didn’t go much beyond trying to salve his conscience by good works. Yet, one day at the age of 19, he realised his sin could only be dealt with by transferring the guilt of it to another – the Lord Jesus Christ. With this realisation his heart was flooded with peace and from that day Charles Simeon was set on a remarkable pathway to spread the good news of Salvation through preaching God’s Word. 

George F. MacLean
George F. MacLean, married to Mary, is an elder in Smithton Free Church outside Inverness, Scotland. As would be expected of a former English teacher, he enjoys reading, but also painting, gardening, angling & walking. He enjoys visits to Cambridge to see his son, daughter–in–law & grandchildren.

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