Released in the UK July 2022
Released in the US July 2022


Large trade paperback | 232 Pages
9781527108455 • £9.99 $14.99

BISAC – REL012140

Proving Ground

40 Reflections on Growing Faith at Work

Graham Hooper

The Bible shows us how testing experiences are common to every Christian and are part of God’s good work in making us the people he wants us to be. As we spend so much of our time working, (whether in the home, in voluntary work, study or in a paid job), our work, like every part of our life, provides opportunities to prove for ourselves that God is real and at work in his world for good.

Graham Hooper
Graham Hooper is a Company Director, and former Senior Executive with a global infrastructure company. Now based in Australia, he became a Christian while working in Tanzania and has since lived in six countries and worked in some twenty more. He is the author of several books including ‘Undivided’, ‘A Better Way to Live’, ‘Songs from the Heart’, and ‘Do You Love Me?’

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