Released in the UK November 2022
Released in the US November 2022


Trade paperback | 360 Pages
9781527109001 • £14.99 $19.99

BISAC – REL006840

Teaching Deuteronomy

From Text to Message

Matt Fuller

Deuteronomy is the climax of the Pentateuch. It offers up a choice for God’s people – life or death, blessing or curse. Moses exhorts the people to choose to love the Lord and obey him in response to his grace today. In his helpful guide Matt Fuller suggests ways preachers might want to tackle Deuteronomy and shows the important of preaching the book to Christians. He urges them to preach Deuteronomy as an urgent and passionate call to love the Lord wholeheartedly, to choose to love him each and every day.

Matt Fuller
Matt is the vicar at Christ Church Mayfair where he has been since it was planted 20 years ago. He’s authored various books but this one took the longest because Deuteronomy really is a treasure. He’s thankful for every church and conference he’s preached at in the last few years being willing to hear sermons on it!

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