Released in the UK September 2022
Released in the US September 2022


Pocket paperback | 144 Pages
Read to me: 8–11
Read Myself: 9–14
9781527108769 • £6.99 $9.99

BISAC – JNF007080

Olaudah Equiano

A Man of Many Names

Emily J. Maurits

Kidnapped into slavery, Oladuah was forced to work for others. His life was no longer his own. Oladuah had lost everything. His country, his family, his freedom and even his name. But although he was given other names by people who saw it as their right to own him, the ten year old boy eventually grew up and obtained his freedom. He claimed back his name in order to write his own memoir as part of the fight against slavery. Oladuah Equiano may have been a child who lost everything, even his name – but he came to know the joy of forgiveness in Christ, and the true freedom that comes with trusting in Jesus’ name

Emily J. Maurits
Emily J. Maurits is an Australian blogger and writer. She is the author of the memoir ‘Two Sisters and a Brain Tumour’ and the founder of Called to Watch, a website supporting those whose loved ones have chronic illnesses.

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