Released in the UK September 2022
Released in the US September 2022


Trade paperback | 256 Pages
9781527108929 • £8.99 $12.99

BISAC – REL012120

Hymn Workouts

100 Exercises to Set Your Heart Ablaze

Joe Barnard

Many of us feel like our spiritual growth has stalled. Often the problem of stagnating faith is down to one simple fact – we all have a bias towards ease. Our spiritual routines are easy: passively reading our Bibles and a few distracted minutes spent in prayer. This book of spiritual workouts is meant to push complacent souls back out into the space of exertion and discovery. It will engage and sharpen the faculties of the mind – memory, imagination, intellect, conscience and will.

Joe Barnard
Joe Barnard is the pastor of Holyrood Evangelical Church in Edinburgh and the executive director of Cross Training Ministries, a discipleship ministry focused on training men in spiritual fitness. He is also the author of ‘The Way Forward: a Road Map of Spiritual Growth for Men in the 21st Century’. Joe is married to Anna. They have four children.

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