Released in the UK May 2023
Released in the US May 2023


Large trade paperback | 232 Pages
9781527109766 • £11.99 $15.99

BISAC – REL012110

Christ and the Culture Wars

Speaking for Jesus in a World of Identity Politics

Ben Chang

In our modern world the gospel of Jesus is seen by many less as good news for all humanity, and more as the bigoted edicts of a bygone era. Benjamin Chang explores the stories of the revolution, tracing the trajectories of four of the biggest social justice movements – feminism, racial justice, gay pride and the trans movement – before looking at the ways Christians usually engage with these arenas of cultural conflict (mirror, argue, ignore) and identifying a better way forward.

Ben Chang
Ben Chang is a speaker and writer, as well as working full–time in the health sector. He speaks regularly at conferences, universities and churches on a range of issues including medical ethics, mental health, identity politics and cultural engagement. He blogs at www.benchangblog.com.

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