Released in the UK July 2023
Released in the US July 2023


Trade paperback | 128 Pages
9781527110038 • £8.99 $12.99

BISAC – REL108030

The Good Influencer

A Guide to Christian Mentoring

D. Eryl Davies

Eryl Davies’ short guide to mentoring answers all the most common questions people have about being a mentor. Including the biblical examples of Jesus and Paul, Davies shows how a mentoring relationship is a close, real–life relationship that can supply us with the wisdom and encouragement we need. A mentor helps to apply biblical wisdom to family and work tensions, suffering, disappointments, bereavement, spiritual growth.

D. Eryl Davies
From North Wales, Eryl Davies was converted as a student and ordained into the Presbyterian Church of Wales, serving churches in South and North Wales. He was called to become the first principal of what is now Union School of Theology, serving now as a Research Supervisor. He is an elder in Heath Church, Cardiff. Married with two children, he also enjoys being with his young grandchildren, writing, reading theology, current affairs and, when there is time, sport !

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