Released in the UK September 2024
Released in the US September 2024


Pocket paperback | 88 Pages
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BISAC – REL012120

Track: Body Image

A Student’s Guide to Body Image

Julie Lowe

We are bombarded with the idea that physical perfection is everything. The flawless people on our screens tell us how to make ourselves more beautiful; the advertising industry tells us that our value is in our attractiveness; the voice in our own head tells us that we will never be perfect. We become obsessed with what we see in the mirror. Julie Lowe’s short, helpful guide encourages us to look to Scripture to find out where our true value and worth lie. She shows how we were created in God’s image, designed to worship  Him – so how can we best use our bodies to honor Him?

Julie Lowe
Julie Lowe is a licensed professional counselor. She has authored ‘Safeguards’, ‘Childproof: Parenting By Faith Not Formula’, ‘Building Bridges’, ‘Helping Your Anxious Child: What to Do When Your Worries are Big’, and ‘Teens and Suicide: Recognizing the Signs and Sharing the Hope’.

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