Released in the UK July 2023
Released in the US July 2023


Royale Hardback 234 X 156 | 768 Pages
9781527110076 • £39.99 $49.99

BISAC – BIO018000

David Livingstone

Missionary, Explorer, Abolitionist

Vance Christie

David Livingstone was one of the most consequential individuals who lived in the nineteenth century. An unpretentious Scottish missionary doctor, explorer and abolitionist, he opened the door for Christianity in southern Africa. He overcame many deprivations and discouragements, and displayed the utmost measure of courage, self–control, faith, wisdom and ingenuity. Christie takes a balanced look at Livingstone’s amazing achievements, but also at his very real flaws. This gripping in–depth biography is a must–read insight into a fascinating man.

Vance Christie
Vance Christie served as a pastor for thirty–six years and has authored a number of books in the field of historical Christian biography. He and his wife Leeta live in Aurora, Nebraska and are blessed with three adult daughters, their husbands and five grandchildren. His website is www.vancechristie.com.

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