Released in the UK September 2023
Released in the US September 2023


Large trade paperback | 96 Pages
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BISAC – JNF049290

Why Did Slavery End?

Danika Cooley

Slavery has been around for a long time. In the Bible, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, and the Israelites were slaves in Egypt until God freed them. Even much more recently, people were kidnapped and made to work. For a while, Christians ignored that slavery is wrong and pretended that enslaved people were not their neighbors. But a lot of Christians realised they were wrong, and between 1688 and 1888 AD there was a big fight to put a stop to slavery. This is the story of these Christians who loved their neighbors and how they fought to free them. Includes the story of how the abolition of the slave trade came about internationally, and facts about modern slavery, as well as a timeline of key dates.

Danika Cooley
Danika Cooley (ThinkingKidsBlog.org) is an award–winning author and Bible curriculum developer. The homeschool mother of four graduated from the University of Washington. Bible Road Trip™ and ‘Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible’ are used by families around the globe.

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