Released in the UK July 2024
Released in the US July 2024


Trade paperback | 400 Pages
9781527110199 • £14.99 $19.99

BISAC – REL006780

Teaching Jeremiah

From Text to Message

Bob Fyall

Jeremiah was called to warn Israel that their rebellious hearts and rejection of God and his ways would lead to judgement. His prophecies of Babylonian exile and the destruction of the temple come to pass, but in among the bad news, he also brings the promise of hope – that the people will return to the land, that God will send his Messiah, and that all nations will one day acknowledge Israel’s God. Fyall’s valuable book will help preachers and Bible study leaders to work through this Major Prophet and see the faithfulness of God in the face of the faithlessness of his people.

Bob Fyall
Bob Fyall retired as Senior Tutor at Cornhill, Scotland and Associate Minister at the Tron Church, Glasgow, a few years ago. He also ministered in Durham for many years both pastoring a church and teaching in Theological College. In retirement he continues to write and preach as opportunity offers.

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