Released in the UK September 2023
Released in the US September 2023


Hardback | 80 Pages
Read to me: 4–6
Read Myself: 6–8
9781527110083 • £9.99 $13.99

BISAC – JNF053030

The Great Big Sad

Finding Comfort in Grief and Loss

Christina Fox

We all know that loss is the “great big sad” of life. Grief is a journey we all take in life. How do parents and caregivers help children navigate grief? The Great Big Sad follows familiar siblings Josh and Mia (from Tell God How You Feel and God Hears Your Heart) as they face the death of their beloved grandmother. It is a discipleship tool for parents and caregivers in helping children learn that people grieve in different ways, how to talk about grief, ways to honor and remember a loved one, and how Jesus knows and understands their tears. 

Christina Fox
Christina Fox is a counselor, retreat speaker, writer, and author of several books including ‘Tell God How You Feel: Helping Kids with Hard Emotions’ and ‘A Heart Set Free: A Journey to Hope Through the Psalms of Lament’. You can find her at www.christinafox.com.

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