Released in the UK September 2023
Released in the US September 2023


Trade paperback | 224 Pages
9781527110427 • £8.99 $12.99

BISAC – BIO018000

Only One Life

Missions Stories from Around the World

Paul M. Harvey

People have always shared stories to entertain, to inform, to inspire. Christ’s people do this, but even more than that, they tell stories to testify to the mighty acts of their God. The stories in this book testify to God’s protection in times of war, on journeys, from enemy attacks and in everyday life. They tell of prayers answered. They proclaim the Father’s care, in providing what His people need at the very moment they need it. Each written by an ordinary Christian, in their own words, these stories will challenge and encourage you. You will find yourself asking what might happen if you stepped out in faith.

Paul M. Harvey
Paul M. Harvey has been a member of WEC International since 1992, serving in Central Spain for fifteen years, then in the UK. He and his wife Rose are presently on the pastoral care team for WEC UK’s retired members. Paul loves to make the Bible known through original songs, storytelling and poetry.

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