Released in the UK November 2023
Released in the US November 2023


Hardback 240 X 170 | 72 Pages
Read to me: 5–7
Read Myself: 8–11
9781527110175 • £12.99 $16.99

BISAC – JNF049130

Is God for Real?

Jeriah D. Shank and Teresa Hemmings

A story–based introduction to apologetics answers some big questions, and encourages kids to keep asking them. 10–year–old Samantha and her brother, Joshua, have some big questions about God, and their parents are ready to help them explore the answers. Join them as they find out what the Bible has to say, and what it means for their lives. Each chapter in this book addresses a big question, like ‘Who is God?’ or ‘Why does God let bad things happen?’. The conversation between parents and children makes the explanation easy to read, and the chapter ends with a passage of Scripture to read, a verse or two to memorize and a few discussion questions.

Jeriah D. Shank
Jeriah Shank is a pastor, apologist, and theologian. He lives in Iowa with his wife and two daughters.

Teresa Hemmings
Teresa Hemmings is a wife, mom, and homemaker in Iowa with an affinity for words and coffee.

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