Released in the UK November 2023
Released in the US November 2023


Royale Hardback 234 X 156 | 352 Pages
9781527110489 • £24.99 $32.99

BISAC – REL067000

From the Marrow Men to the Moderates

Scottish Theology 1700–1800

Donald Macleod

Donald Macleod is our reliable guide through all dissentions and disagreements of the eighteenth century. Drawing attention to the major characters of the period and gives a faithful account of the theological discussions, including the social, economic, ethnic, and personal factors involved. He also subjects these discussions to theological evaluation. A fascinating look at a crucial period for anyone with an interest in theological history.

Donald Macleod
Donald Macleod (1940–2023) was the Principal of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh until 2010. Regarded as one of Britain’s most prominent theologians he wrote extensively on a wide range of issues.

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