Released in the UK November 2023
Released in the US November 2023


Large trade paperback | 408 Pages
9781527110519 • £14.99 $19.99

BISAC – REL108020

Island Aflame

The Famed Lewis Awakening that Never Occurred and the Glorious Revival that Did (Lewis & Harris 1949–52)

Tom Lennie

The stories around the Lewis Revival are extraordinary, with the Spirit working in the lives of many people across this Scottish island. There have been, however, rumours and myths that have grown up around the stories of the Lewis Revival, that did not actually occur. Revival history expert, Tom Lennie, examines the eye witness accounts and sorts the amazing true story from the exaggerations that have become entangled. The story of the revival that truly occurred is based on overwhelming evidence, and is every bit as exciting as the myths it displaces.

Tom Lennie
A native of Orkney, Tom Lennie serves as Executive Editor of Prophecy Today UK. With a longstanding fascination with revival history, he is the author of ‘Glory in the Glen’, ‘Land of Many Revivals’, and ‘Scotland Ablaze’.

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