Released in the UK March 2024
Released in the US March 2024


Hardback | 64 Pages
Read to me: 4–6
Read Myself: 6–8
9781527110663 • £9.99 $13.99

BISAC – JNF049260

How Do I Get to Heaven?

Questions and Answers about Life and Death

Nancy Gorrell

There is a place that you can go where no one is ever sick. There are no doctor’s offices or hospitals – no one there gets a runny nose or earache or an upset tummy. They don’t fight or cry or get hurt feelings. This place is more beautiful and amazing than you could ever imagine. It is filled with love, light and joy. It’s perfect because God made it that way. It’s Heaven. All the people who are there praise and bless Jesus for saving them.

Heaven is the best place ever and God has a way to get you there. Find out how!

Nancy Gorrell
Nancy Gorrell takes great delight in telling about the Christian faith in simple ways for children to understand. She lives with her husband and family in California and teaches in a Christian school there.

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