Released in the UK March 2024
Released in the US March 2024


Trade paperback | 96 Pages
9781527110670 • £7.99 $9.99

BISAC – REL012010

A Time to Mourn

Grieving the Loss of Those Whose Eternities Were Uncertain

Will Dobbie

To a Christian, the death of an unbeliever is heartbreaking. But even in the darkness of grief, there can be light. Will Dobbie’s nuanced examination of the hope found in the Bible offers more than shallow comfort. With the tone of a pastor, who knows how hard it is to lose a friend and not know whether they belong to Christ, Will Dobbie affirms that we don’t need to suppress grief. He directs our eyes towards the One who knows all things, who feels our heartache, and who Himself grieves. If you are mourning a loved one, this book offers not shallow consolation, but real comfort based in the truth of God’s Word.

Will Dobbie
After serving in the British Army, Will Dobbie went into full–time ministry in 2006. He moved to London to plant a church in 2013. In 2021, he moved to the US to plant again. He enjoys running and reading. He is married with two boys.

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