Released in the UK May 2024
Released in the US May 2024


Large trade paperback | 192 Pages
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BISAC – REL012120

Reasoning in the Public Square

Delivering the Changeless Message Through Ever–Changing Media

Graham Nicholls

It’s easy to think that our faith is personal, something which should be expressed behind closed doors or with other Christians. But the world needs to hear the gospel, and there are a whole host of ways we can publicly proclaim our faith. From identifying the key battle lines where there is friction between Christianity and modern Western society, to engaging with mainstream media; from street preaching to an evangelistic online presence, Nicholls exhorts Christians to be salt and light wherever God gives them opportunities.

Graham Nicholls
Graham Nicholls is Director of Affinity, an organisation seeking to promote Christian unity and partnership throughout the British Isles. Graham provides strategic leadership of the ministry teams, and he regularly writes and speaks in the media. He is also one of the Pastors of Christ Church Haywards Heath and preaches there regularly. He is married to Caroline and has three grown up children.

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