Released in the UK September 2024
Released in the US September 2024


Pocket paperback | 96 Pages
9781527111714 • £3.99 $4.99

BISAC – REL012130

Track: Purity in a Porn–Saturated Culture

A (Female) Student’s Guide to Purity in a Porn–Saturated Culture

Helen Thorne–Allenson

We live in a world where pornography is easy to access. At the click of a button, it tempts us to use our devices and bodies to get a cheap hit of excitement, devoid of any real human interaction or care. But God calls us to a life which is the opposite of that. Helen Thorne–Allenson shares not only a convincing explanation as to why using porn is unhelpful but also some practical tips for breaking the habit. Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion.

Helen Thorne–Allenson
Helen Thorne–Allenson is the Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK. She is an experienced speaker and author whose other works include ‘Hope in an Anxious World’ and ‘5 Things to Pray for your Suffering Friend’. She is married to Nick, lives in Hampshire, UK and very much enjoys Korean food.

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