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Children’s Guidelines

Christian Focus Publications publishes biblically–accurate books for adults and children. Our children’s books are bright, fun and full of biblical truth, an ideal way to help children discover Christ for themselves. Our aim is to help children find out about God and get them enthusiastic about reading the Bible, now and later in their lives. As an evangelical, reformed, non–denominational publishing company we believe that God’s word is true and Jesus Christ is Lord.

Series in Print

Full Colour Bible Story Books: Hall of Fame; Beginning with God; The Bible Explorer; Bible Wise; God is King; Little Hands Story Bible. As an evangelical/reformed publishing house all our children’s books are biblically accurate and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Black and White devotional titles: We are increasing this section of our publishing list. A young person’s guide to knowing God; The big book of questions and answers about Jesus; How to handle your life and other helpful advice from God.

Puzzle and activity books: These are always popular with Kid’s clubs, Sunday schools and families. We are interested in craft, activities, puzzles or games. Look at: The Names of Jesus; Bible Detectives; Talking with God; Puzzle N Learn; The Game is up.

Family: We have developed material for family devotions – Sinclair Ferguson’s The Big book of questions and answers about the Christian Faith and The Big book of questions and answers about Jesus. Sharing Jesus with under 5’s by Janet Gaukroger is a title that is of help to both leadership and families.

Biography: We have a number of biography series for children:

Trailblazers: This series is aimed at 9–14 year olds and retells the stories of well–known Christians past and present. It is written with an emphasis on

Faith: All titles focus on the love of the Lord Jesus for sinners and the forgiveness of sins that he purchased on the cross.

Facts: Trailblazers are biographical in contact and not fictional.

Dialogue: Though not always necessary – we prefer our authors to use dialogue in a creative and imaginative way. It is our opinion that dialogue does not fictionalize the manuscript but instead can be used as a tool to illustrate facts that would otherwise be heavy and tedious to some teenage readership.

Thinking further topics: These titles all include a section at the end where the reader is encouraged to think through different issues that arise throughout the book. Ideally each chapter has it’s own Thinking Further Topic. These will encourage the reader to ask questions, investigate scripture and pray. Although a regular feature of all the Trailblazer books Thinking Further topics vary in style between titles.

Prayer Diary: This is also a feature, which has on occasion been used in Trailblazer titles to encourage regular prayer about the issues raised throughout the book.The characters already covered in this series are: Corrie Ten Boom, Richard Wurmbrand, William Wilberforce, C S Lewis, Hudson Taylor, George Muller, Adoniram Judson, Isobel Kuhn, Mary Slessor, Martin Lloyd Jones. Soon to come – Gladys Aylward, John Newton, Martin Luther, Joni Eareckson.

Torchbearers: This is a new series aimed at 8–11 year olds for which we require authors. The style of the series is fictional but each book focuses on a real martyr from history. Danger on the Hill – Margaret Wilson, Martyr for Christ is the first in this series. A martyr from the 1600’s – Margaret was one of the persecuted covenanters in Scotland in the 17th century. The book has three special features:

Take Five Minutes: A selection of discussion starters. Written in a thought provoking style this section focuses on various themes and topics raised throughout the book: For example – Persecution, Martyrdom, God is in Control, Jesus Christ is Lord etc.

Bible Studies: These are linked to the discussion starters and focus the reader on specific verses from Scripture.

Time Line: A time line illustrating the major events of that period of history is a useful educational tool and also puts the story being retold into a particular time frame. We encourage the author to mention events from the worlds of the arts, science, politics, media and history, inventions, births, deaths and major Christian events

General Guidelines

After reading the guidelines all authors should send in:

Points of Interest

  • As an author it is not your responsibility to organize the artwork.
  • We do not publish poetry or rhyming books.
  • When sending manuscripts from abroad please note that Coupon–Response Internationals are not accepted by the United Kingdom postal authorities.

If you have an idea for a biographical or fictional book that you would like us to consider, read the guidelines and decide whether your idea could fit into any of the series titles that we have already mentioned. If not, consider whether your book fits in with the type of publisher that we are. Then get in touch with us to discuss your idea. If it is not for us we will tell you and save you a lot of work and trouble. If you don’t want to contact us without something to show work out a synopsis, chapter headings and three sample chapters. Then a letter or email as initial contact is best.

If you have already gone down the route of writing your manuscript the information in the preceding paragraph is for you as well. However, if you have a manuscript of over ten chapters just send in three sample chapters. If your manuscript is less then ten chapters send the whole thing.

Once manuscripts are submitted, there are a number of factors to bear in mind:

  1. The review process can take anything between three to six months.
  2. If you want to know if your proposal has arrived, include a self–addressed, stamped postcard, which an editor can sign, date, and return to you.
  3. We receive many good manuscripts and are able to publish only a fraction of them.
  4. We will only return unsolicited manuscripts within the UK if you have sent sufficient return postage. We do not return manuscripts to authors outside the UK.
  5. If you are sending material from abroad please consider emailing the manuscript to the children’s editor at

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