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Christian Focus Across the Web – December 9, 2011

Gavin MacKenzie

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

The Trials of Theology reviewed by Dave Jenkins - Students of theology can find themselves strengthened and renewed while they study, but it can also be a time of trial. The Trials of Theology shows how to navigate such trials as we study for and then engage in Christian ministry. Dave Jenkins recently reviewed The Trials of Theology at  Here's a bit of what Dave had to say about the book:

I recommend you read The Trials of Theology: Becoming A ‘Proven Worker’ In A Dangerous Business because doing so will console, convict, instruct and usher you into the presence of God. This book will help you to see how you to move from being “lost among words” to being “lost for words” in praise of God. The study of theology should lead to not only knowing biblical doctrine, but to being humbled by the greatness of God who has chosen to reveal Himself in His Word to His people, so that His people may spread His fame and joy to the nations. May the Lord Jesus use this book to awaken Christians to draw deeply from the well of church history, theology and the Word of God in order to stir up deep affections for God, and obedience to God through the Lord Jesus Christ​.

If you'd like to read Dave's review in full, it can be found here: LINK.

Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron Nikkel
Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron Nikkel
Radical Love in a Broken World reviewed by Tara Gnagy -Ron like many in Prison Fellowship International stepped out from his comfort zone to share the message that God cares even in places of conflict, pain and guilt. He seeks to present the message that Jesus had also gone through intense, severe, undeserved suffering yet did not retaliate.  Tara Gnagy recently shared a review of of Radical Love in a Broken World at  See an excerpt from Tara's review below:

The book is well-written and engaging and it explains many topics that would benefit Christians who desire to have a more hands-on approach to reaching the lost for Christ. It had a solid biblical focus, and it challenges the reader to act upon the Word. I recommend it to an adult Christian audience, either for private analysis or group study.

If you'd like to read Tara's review in full, it can be found here: LINK.

The Dawkins Letters in the Christian Post - An article titled Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God recently appeared in the Christian Post, recounting the story of Richard Morgan's journey from atheism to faith.  Richard was influenced by a series of open letters Christian Focus author David Robertson wrote in response to concerns raised by Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion.  David's letters as well as Richard Morgan's testimony are a part of the revised edition of The Dawkins Letters:  Challenging Atheist Myths (Christian Focus, 2010).  The Christian Post article referenced above is available here:  LINK.

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