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Christian Focus Across the Web - February 24, 2012

Gavin MacKenzie

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Just the Way I Am reviewed by TWilson9608 - TWilson9608 is a stay at home mother of 3, whose youngest daughter Vada has Down syndrome. Her Making the Most of Today blog focuses on letting the world know that Down syndrome has not ended their lives, but has only enriched it. Here is a bit of what she had to say in her review:

"This book is a celebration of "disability" or as I like to say everyone's own unique abilities.

It is a book that should reach far beyond families who have a special needs child. For it shares an amazing message that everyone should know and learn and that message is simply that God loves us all and He has a purpose for each of His children."

You can read Twilson9608's review of Just the Way I Am: God's Good Design in Disability in its entirety here:  LINK. You can add Just the Way I Am: God's good Design in Disability to your own library for 1/2 price through 2/29/2012. Visit WTS Books to take advantage of this special offer.

Theology Night with Sinclair Ferguson & R.C. Sproul - On January 20, 2012, Christian Focus authors R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson answered questions submitted by online viewers and those present at Saint Andrew’s. During this relaxed and informative evening, these two notable theologians and pastors addressed topics such as the doctrines of grace, when to leave a local church, Tim Tebow, dispensationalism, free will, and the peccability or impeccability of Jesus. About midway through the video, Dr. Ferguson makes mention of Edward Fisher's The Marrow of Modern Divinity in answer to a question from the audience about limited atonement.

If you are unable to see the video, click here.

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