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Christian Focus Across the Web - January 11, 2013

Gavin MacKenzie

Kingdom Come by Sam Storms
Kingdom Come by Sam Storms
Sam Storms - Why I changed My Mind About the Millenium - Be sure to stop by The Gospel Coalition and read Sam Storms' synopsis of his journey from premillennialism to amillennialism. Keep a look out for Sam's forthcoming book Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative. Here's a brief description of the book:

Sam Storms explores key biblical texts that will help our understanding of the second coming and what the Bible says about Christ's rule and the events surrounding the end of days. He provides for us a biblical rationale for what is commonly known as Amillennialism. The Second Coming is not always easy to understand! We are thankful to Sam Storms for providing a snapshot of the Kingdom of God and what it might look like.

Kingdom Come will be available in the UK March 2013 and will release in the US May 2013.

God Redeeming His Bride
God Redeeming His Bride
A Helpful New Book on Church Discipline - Bob Thune shares a few thoughts after reading through an advance copy of God Redeeming His Bride: A Handbook for Church Discipline by Robert K. Cheong. Here's a bit of what Bob had to say:

"I appreciate this book for three reasons. First, it’s theologically rich, anchoring church discipline in the glorious drama of God’s redeeming work. Second, it’s pastorally wise, written by a seasoned shepherd who knows the joy and pain of leading and protecting the flock. And third, it’s practically helpful – the appendices alone are worth the price of the book. Robert’s work on this important subject is a gift to every gospel-loving church leader and church member."

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