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Christian Focus Across the Web - August 1, 2014

Gavin MacKenzie

This week’s highlights are below:

Carrie Sandom Interviewed on Knowing the Truth with Kevin Boling - Listen to Carrie Sandom's recent interview on Knowing the Truth with Kevin Boling discussing her book Different by Design: God’s Blueprint for Men and Women. The interview is available to stream or download here: LINK

Graham Veale on Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley - Graham Veale and Rory Fenton debate the use of parody and balancing free speech and religious sensibilities on Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley. Their discussion is available to stream or download here:  LINK

Danika Cooley reviews John Newton: A Slave Set Free - Last week Danika Cooley continued her series of reviews focused on CF4K's Trailblazers series. Here's what she had to say about John Newton: A Slave Set Free by Irene Howat. Here's a bit of what Danika shared in her review:

"As I read John Newton, I had to wonder what terrible sin in my life people would be shaking their heads over if someone wrote a biography on me. That won’t happen, but I can hazard a few guesses at my pet sins. And how arrogant it would be if I was to regard the sin of slavery as greater than the sin in my own life. These are all discussions we can have with our children. Right after we that, we can feel free to discuss how slavery is abhorrent and disgusting. It’s amazing that a man with a conscience so hardened that he could participate in the brutal harm of innocents would one day contend for their freedom. That, my friends, is grace."

Read the full review at

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