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Douglas F. Kelly

Douglas F. Kelly is the Professor of Theology Emeritus at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Douglas F. Kelly

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Communion With God, Fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Communion With God

Fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

John Owen

I first read John Owen's 'Of Communion with God' while a theological student (in the middle 1960s). It made beautifully clear and confirmed the theological underpinnings of the atmosphere I had lived in within the family and local congregation from earliest days: that God is love, that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, to know Christ is to be near the heart of the Father; that to dwell in God is to dwell in love: God's love to us and our love back to God and to others. Owen, with skillful scriptural exegesis and warmest pastoral insight takes us to the very heart of Christianity in this treatise, and shows us that this, and this alone is worth living for; this alone makes sense of everything else, and irradiates every step of earthly life with strength, hope and joy. That is why, forty years later, I still delight to pick up this grand treatise and read from it as a sort of 'vade mecum'. We owe a debt of gratitude of Philip Ross for beautifully editing this long discourse, and making it far more accessible to another generation. He has skillfully and accurately divided up long 'Pauline sentences' into manageable portions; he has clarified some rather obscure vocabulary, and - perhaps best of all - he has inserted very lucid and helpful subheadings and other divisions, which make the otherwise demanding text much easier to follow. All through, he has remained eminently faithful to the original meaning. The beauty of John Owen's theology, and most of all, the beauty of the love of God in Christ to us needy souls shines through. I shall be enthusiastically recommending this new volume to my classes

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