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Magnificent ObsessionWhy Jesus is Great

Magnificent Obsession

Why Jesus is Great

David Robertson
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There is something fundamentally right about this book. I loved the focus on Jesus as a framework for apologetics. By framing apologetics around the person of Jesus, Robertson gives proper weight to biblical revelation. Christians do not just believe in God. They believe in Jesus-our God with a human face. I appreciated this approach and find it instructive for how to engage unbelievers. Furthermore, although this is a short book, Robertson covers a lot of ground and does so engagingly and thoughtfully.

Thoughts and Prayers Online

Robertson passionately presents a portrait of Jesus that is winsome, compelling, and awe-inspiring. Both casual and studious readers will devour this book, which is written in the form of correspondence with an atheist, with extensive references to Christopher Hitchens's book, God Is Not Great. In the course of reading, agnostics will be forced to grapple with well-reasoned testimony, and Christians will find their faith being built up and their arguments strengthened.

Dan Wells, Worship Pastor. Orchard Chruch, Chicago

My dad wrote a book. It's pretty great.

Becky Milburn, New South Wales, Australia

We will share this 'Magnificent Obsession' so that ... friends may discover not only what it means but why it matters.

Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Dragons have been slain, elephants in the room exposed and becoming a disciple of Jesus becomes totally logical and liberating.

David Meredith, Mission Director, Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

David and I disagree on a great many things, but we are unified understanding the importance of this ongoing debate.

Gary McLelland, Atheist, blogger and secular campaigner, Edinburgh, Scotland

This book will put fire in your heart or a pebble in your shoe; but then Jesus always does. Written by a historian, for sceptics or believers, these letters are accessible, honest, powerful and life changing. In them you'll meet the Jesus of historical fact, and the author's obsession may become your own. I just wish Christopher Hitchens could have read it.

John Ellis, Consultant Opthamologist, Dundee, Scotland

Magnificent Obsession is a great resource for Christians concerned about sharing their faith with mutual respect. Readers interested in debate, reason, and persuasion will be especially keen on Robertson's work.

David Buller,

... addresses some of the most serious questions raised by new atheists, it does so with a style that makes it a pleasure to read.

The Monthly Record, Magazine of the Free Church of Scotland

... an encouraging example of developing a Jesus centred apologetic. This is assurance and strength of opinion here, but not stridency or abuse.

Gary Ware

Engaging and insightful... This book is useful no matter what your experience and where you stand on matters of faith.

Tim Keller, Redeemer City to City

An engaging and easy to read book that presents responses to some of the key objections to Christianity, presents the atonement gospel, and points to why Christ is magnificent...I think this is a great book to give to non-Christian friends who are open and searching

Jennifer Guo Blogpost

I love this book! It's an excellent, conversational introduction to Christianity for non-Christians and new Christians who are wrestling with questions.

Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God, Minneapolis, Minnesota

David Robertson has done it again. Building on his incisive response to Richard Dawkins atheism in The Dawkins Letters David has written another series of letters explaining how to respond to friends who say there is no proof for God. In his usual vigorous and engagingly personal manner David explains precisely why the Christian teaching about Jesus is intellectually, morally and emotionally credible. This is a book for you to read and give away. I therefore recommend that you buy as many copies as you can.

John C. Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science, Green Templeton College

Robertson is a highly effective and winsome apologist. This book easily serves dual purposes. It helps bolster the faith of the Christian and quite ably points the genuine seeker to Christ.

Todd Pruitt

... combines theological depth with well-written prose that will help readers understand deep issues in any easy to understand style, so that they can implement the author's approach to Apologetics into their ministries... Magnificent Obsession in this reviewers opinion is one of the most engaging and theologically robust books on Apologetics out there. I highly recommend Magnificent Obsession because it provides an up-close look in how to engage those who question the Christian faith with a view to answer them with well-reasoned and biblically faithful answers.

Josh Davis-

Beautifully written, laced with tasteful humour, here is a book you can give to your non-Christian friends.

R. T. Kendall, Previous minister of Westminster Chapel, London

This is a book to give Christians and non-Christians alike, for it takes on the many objections from both genuine enquirers and antagonistic opponents - and answers them knowledgeably, carefully and with understanding and sympathy. David Robertson clearly and compellingly tells us that the Good News of the Kingdom of God not only gives meaning and purpose to individual lives but also shows that God's Word, the Bible, has both the vision and the means by which we can rebuild our increasingly broken society. Sin (whether individual or corporate) is the killer disease and Christ is its only cure - at every level of human experience.

Bob Graham, Vice Chairman, Scottish Christian Party

David Robertson's speaking ministry and books are informed, insightful, full of wit and yet surprising depth. Robertson helps us to answer the common questions of skeptics with sensitivity, astuteness and a careful listening ear.

Rebecca Manley Pippert, Author, Speaker, Founder of Salt Shaker Ministries

... punchy, poignant and personal. Fresh, authentic and warm, and it made me want to meet the author for a macchiato!

Evangelicals Now

David Robertson is so honest, acute and convincing, that I fear books like Magnificent Obsession will soon be banned by the new atheist censors, lest enquiring young sceptics presume to examine them.

Dick Lucas, Formerly Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate, London

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