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Endorsements of Pleased to Dwell: A Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation by Peter Mead - Christian Focus Publications
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Pleased to DwellA Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation

Pleased to Dwell

A Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation

Peter Mead
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... a readable and gripping survey of the miracle that is the incarnation... packed with content, had me scurrying through the biblical texts to see more of my dear Saviour.

Evangelical Magazine of Wales

In this book we see the profound truths of the incarnation presented in a way that makes the Bible and its truth come alive. And, best of all, it is presented in an engaging style that makes it accessible to ordinary laypersons.

Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

I have a confession to make... I don't like Christmas! At least by Christmas I mean the tinsel and the trimmings that fill our shops earlier and earlier every year. But in this easily accessible and encouraging book Peter Mead shows us that the true heart of Christmas, the incarnation, is something to rejoice in every day of the year. This book is for life and not just for Christmas!'

Michael Ots, Evangelist, author of What Kind of God?

Peter Mead masterfully handles sweeping vistas while paying close attention to textual details, all with an engaging enthusiasm... this book is a must read. I am sure that many will love the Savior more as a result of reading this!

Alexander Strauch, Author of Biblical Eldership, conference speaker and elder at Littleton Bible Chapel, Denver, Colorado

Offers a wonderful presentation of Jesus that brings together more of the Bible than you'll find anywhere else. It's a tour de force in tracing themes of Christ coming from heaven to humanity. It's also a lively and compelling read.If you'd like to know Jesus better you must read this book!

Ronald N. Frost, Pastoral Care Consultant, Barnabas International, and Mentor, Cor Deo, Chippenham, England

This book is perfect food for the heart for all of us who long for a richer understanding of the birth of The King!

Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

A bright and breezy (and therefore very readable) sprint through the Bible's story of Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation. With brief and accessible chapters, it would make an ideal Quiet Times book for the run up to Christmas, as well as a perfect introduction to these foundational truths for a young believer. Thoroughly recommended.

Mark Meynell, European Associate Director, Langham Preaching, London

Through a clear and accessible explanation of the profound miracle of the incarnation... An ideal introduction to a profound theme - and a great Christmas present!

Jonathan Lamb, Minister–at–large for Keswick Ministries, IFES Vice President, and former Director, Langham Preaching

What a really useful resource! As I read through it, I found that ideas for carol service talks just kept leaping off its pages.

Rico Tice, Evangelist; Co–founder of Christianity Explored Ministries

What unites the Scriptures? A plan of salvation? A pattern of redemption? Promises of abstract blessings? Peter Mead answers with heart-warming clarity: a Person. It's the Person of Christ who is communicated on every page - a Person who longs to be known personally. Pleased to Dwell walks us through the Bible to see its central Character afresh and to rejoice in His desire to draw near. This book will surprise, teach, encourage and gladden you as you encounter Jesus in both Old and New Testaments.

Glen Scrivener, Director & Evangelist, Speak Life, Eastbourne, England

This book is written with clarity and freshness and flows in a way that makes reading enjoyable as well as a blessing... I recommend it highly.

Stephen McQuoid, General Director of Gospel Literature Outreach, Motherwell, Scotland

...does a remarkable job of introducing us to the vast sweep of the Bible's story and reminds us that the heart of the Bible is not a what, but a who- a person: Jesus Christ, the word became flesh. As I read this book I was pointed to Jesus Christ and led to marvel once again at the wonder of the incarnation.

Evangelicals Now

Since "Christianity is a faith with Christmas in its DNA" (16) and the reality of the Incarnation permeates every day, Mead has written what he describes as a "Biblical Introduction to Christmas". However, more than a mere unwrapping of the Nativity narratives, this book is an open invitation to ponder the wonder that God was pleased to dwell with us. I would recommend this book - at any time of the year! Readers will become better acquainted with the "big picture" and will certainly have a better appreciation and understanding of the Incarnation. The sections working through the Nativity narratives will grip and captivate readers with the reality of the Incarnation and evoke wonder and praise. The Incarnation: a doctrine for life, not just for Christmas!

Andrew Green, Deacon, Newtownards Reformed Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland - Writing for Affinity

What a really useful resource! I will definitely be reaching for this book when it comes to December and I'm looking for freshness and depth, as Christ's coming at Christmas is preached once more. As I read through it, I found that ideas for carol service talks just kept leaping off its pages.

Rico Tice, Evangelist; Co–founder of Christianity Explored Ministries

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