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If I Should Die Before I WakeWhat's Beyond This Life?

If I Should Die Before I Wake

What's Beyond This Life?

K. Scott Oliphint and Sinclair B. Ferguson
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Here is a short and simple book about death and the afterlife. Despite it being a short book, the authors manage to pack it full of valuable Christian teaching. They begin by discussing death and explaining from the scriptures how it entered into this world. There then follows chapters on the life that is to come and, very importantly, how a person can be ready for that life.
The book could be helpful for a non-christian, who is seeking and asking questions. Also, Christians will benefit from reading it, in that it will bring comfort and reassurance, as well as clear up some misunderstandings on subjects, such as 'the intermediate state' and the 'new heavens and the new earth.'
Finally, and very importantly, there is an appendix dealing with the erroneous teaching, taught even in evangelical circles, known as annihilationism. This is the view that those who are not saved at death will simply cease to exist, rather than face eternal, conscious torment. This topic is studied and dealt with biblically.
This may be a short book, but it is a very valuable resource to have in these days.

Andrew Young, Fraserburgh

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