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John - Beloved DiscipleA Survey of his theology

John - Beloved Disciple

A Survey of his theology

Robert L. Reymond
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"Opinions abound in the field of New Testament studies concerning the authorship, the geographic and temporal venues, the source (or sources) of the theology (some would say ‘theologies') one finds in the Fourth Gospel, the Johannine epistles, and the Revelation, and whether or not the Johannine material advocates an incarnational Christology.

"As the reader studies these five literary pieces with me, he should understand that in my opinion he is studying the inspired Word of God. Hopefully the reader will be persuaded concerning these matters by the time he has completed reading this book."

Robert L. Reymond, (1932-2013) Professor and author of a respected new Systematic Theology

"Having whetted our appetite with his excellent book Paul, Missionary Theologian, we are now further in the debt of the publisher through the publication of this work on John. Reymond is a significant scholar in the Reformed tradition but above all he is a biblical theologian. Indeed, he is quite prepared to be critical of the tradition if he believes that the biblical evidence justifies it. This book is the result of detailed and painstaking study and yet it remains accessible and useful to all who have a serious interest in Scripture."

A.T.B. McGowan, Director, Rutherford Centre for Reformed Theology, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Writing on a Biblical subject can be a major test for a Systematic theologian for it will reveal the quality of his Biblical exegesis and so whether his theology is likely to be faithful to Scripture. Robert Reymond passes this test with flying colours. This is a most valuable study of the doctrinal content of five New Testament books. He has a direct, unfussy style, quickly gets to the heart of each issue, marshals his arguments with admirable clarity, and shows deep concern that the witness of John to Christ should be taken with real seriousness."

Geoffrey Grogan, (1925-2011), Principal of Glasgow Bible College and well-respected author

"In this book, Robertr Reymond again demonstrates his love for God, and commitment to Scripture, and his theological expertise and learning. This very readable work examines John's theology in considerable depth. Dr Reymond takes the view that the gospel, the johannite epistles and the book of Revelation come from John's pen. Building on this he demonstrates, and develops theological links between the works. As he writes, he counters much modern work on John and leaves us in no doubt that the apostle has presented to us the true Jesus, the incarnate God. Certainly this a worthy introduction to John's theology. "

Paul Gardner, Senior Minister, Christ Church Presbyterian, Atlanta, Georgia

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