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Systematic TheologyBiblical and Historical

Systematic Theology

Biblical and Historical

Robert Duncan Culver
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Thanks to 'vanguard for his positive review. In answer to his question about the print, the font size is 10. This is in the standard range for published material of this kind. Our market research indicated that a single volume would be preferred if it could be kept to around 1200 pages. We have no plans to add a CD to the book but a digital version should shortly be available through Biblesoft and Logos

The Publisher

Culver is a brilliant teacher of God's Word, you won't be disappointed with this read!

John Burke, Presbyterian Pastor, Clinical Psychologist

The book appears to be a valuable contribution based on a reading of some of the issues; however, if you wish to sell more copies I would increase the font size and possibly put it into two volumes. In addition, you may wish to include a CD with the book so that the font can be manipulated and enlarged. I expect to see purchased copies being recycled into used book stores because of this issue. I will have to visit the optometrist if I wish to enjoy this book.

I received a copy of Robert Culver Duncan's Systematic Theology, Biblical and Historical this past July (2006). I have not completed reading through - it is one of my reading projects, and I am just halfway through. It has been an interesting and informative read. Robert Duncan writes in an engaging manner. He has a good grasp of the historical background of the various doctrines. It is instructive to trace the development of each one historically. The historical approach itself merits a reading of this Theology.

It is 1280 pages - that is true. But it is a dense 1280 pages - the first book that I have read that requires good light and my reading glasses. On these large pages with small but adequate print is a lot of excellent reading - considerably more than most single volume systematic theologies.

He approaches theology in a balanced way, respectfully explaining positions that differ from his own, while unapologetically stating his own views and conclusions. As a bookseller, I intend to stock this book and heartily recommend it to those looking for a thorough, interesting, orthodox, evangelical and biblical Systematic Theology.

Craig Ewoldt Jos Nigeria

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