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Notable and Quotable: David Brainerd

Gavin MacKenzie

A couple of weeks later, on September 19th [1747], David tried to get up and walk around his bedroom during the late afternoon, hoping to feel some ease from the pain in his chest. While taking a few steps, he immediately felt a tremendous spiritual attack from Satan.

"You are a dirty, sinful creature, not fit for heaven. God will not accept you for you are too unworthy and depraved!" he thought.

But in that moment, even after feeling much dejection and melancholy during his years in missionary labors, he was surprised to find his heart and mind fixated on gospel truth:

"I know I am unworthy," he thought to himself. "But what of it? For there stands in my place One who calls me his own and wraps a robe of perfect righteousness around me. I exalt in my Savior and triumph in his finished work on my behalf. He is my great righteousness and nobody and nothing can snatch me from his hand!"

With that, his body became overwhelmed with sickness and collapsed onto his bed....

A little over a week later, he pulled out his journal for what would be his last entry, and began to write:

"Friday, October 2nd. My soul was this day, at turns, sweetly set on God: I long to be with him that I might behold his glory. I felt sweetly disposed to commit all to him, even my dearest friends, my dearest flock, and my absent brother, John, and all my concerns for time and eternity. Oh, that his kingdom might come in the world; that they might all love and glorify him for what he is in himself. Oh, come, Lord Jesus, come quickly! Amen."

[David Brainerd died on the morning of October 9, 1747.]

Excerpted from David Brainerd: A Love for the Lost by Brian H. Cosby, a youth biography geared for ages 7-14.

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