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Robert L. Reymond on Church History & Biblical Theology

Gavin MacKenzie

Noted scholar and theologian, Robert L. Reymond has written several books on theology, church history and biblical preaching. Ten of his books are available through Christian Focus Publications. Learn more about Robert L. Reymond by reading his author profile here at Christian Focus Book Notes.

Books by Robert L. Reymond on Church History & Biblical Theology:

John Calvin: His Life And Influence

Robert Reymond brings us John Calvin the man. A reality quite different from the caricature often painted today. Here is a man of deep spirituality with a real love for his fellow man and God. A man also with tremendous intellectual abilities. Whether the moniker 'stern Calvinist' is applicable or not - his life has much to teach us.

"...sheds new light on a famous and familiar name. His writing style is scholarly and authoritative... intensely interesting reading." ~ D. James Kennedy, Late Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Paul, Missionary Theologian: A Survey of his Missionary Labours and Theology

A compelling presentation of Paul's theology enriched by insights from the field of Systematic theology. It is biographical, theological, geographical, missiological, historical, hermeneutical, inspirational!

"Helps students of the Bible to grasp the historical sequence of Paul's missionary work and introduces the main themes of Paul's teaching about God's work in his Son... Of particular note is a serious defence of the now generally abandoned view that Paul was the author of Hebrews." ~ Douglas Moo, Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, Ilinois

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John - Beloved Disciple: A Survey of his theology

Examines the themes, concepts and theology of John in his gospel, his letters, and in Revelation. A superb analysis of the writings and theology of the books written by John. Reymond also responds to the two modern theologies of Bultmann and Kaseman.

"Having whetted our appetite with his excellent book Paul, Missionary Theologian, we are now further in the debt of the publisher through the publication of this work on John. Reymond is a significant scholar in the Reformed tradition but above all he is a biblical theologian. Indeed, he is quite prepared to be critical of the tradition if he believes that the biblical evidence justifies it. This book is the result of detailed and painstaking study and yet it remains accessible and useful to all who have a serious interest in Scripture." ~ ATB McGowan, Minister, East Church of Scotland, Inverness

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