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Robert L. Reymond on Preaching and Biblical Interpretation

Gavin MacKenzie

Noted scholar and theologian, Robert L. Reymond has written several books on theology, church history and biblical preaching. Ten of his books are available through Christian Focus Publications. Learn more about Robert L. Reymond by reading his author profile here at Christian Focus Book Notes.

Books by Robert L. Reymond on Preaching & Biblical Interpretation:

The God-centered Preacher: Developing A Pulpit Ministry Approved by God

Walk into most Christian churches in the western world today and the chances of you hearing a biblically relevant message is, to be polite slim. Even churches claiming to be evangelical or reformed to often tend towards market led, comforting talks on the one hand and impenetrable, jargon filled theological lectures on the other. How can preachers maintain a sensible balance? Roberts Reymond has trained hundreds of pastors and has an intimate understanding of the areas where preachers are inclined to fail He often points to 8 qualities that all pastors should aspire to in their ministries, qualities that are all to often lacking.

"I would highly recommend this book to preachers. The theological points are well argued and very relevant to our own day. It is the sort of book that one may refer to time and again, benefiting from studying individual chapters. Above all the emphasis that preaching and worship should be God-centered and God-glorifying is refreshing." ~ Evangelical Times

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The Lamb of God: The Bible's unfolding revelation of Sacrifice

The central theme of Holy Scripture is the unfolding revelation of its doctrinal teaching on Jesus as the 'slain Lamb of God'. The doctrine of Jesus as God's slain lamb runs like a thick cable from Genesis to Revelation binding the entirety of Scripture together. Indeed Revelation 13:8 speaks of Jesus as the lamb who was slain from the creation of the world, while 1 Peter 1:19-20 speaks of the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect who was chosen before the creation of the world.

Reymond examines the biblical depictions concerning the Lamb of God - illuminating to us the central place that the suffering of the Messiah as God's lamb occupies in God's eternal purpose and earths history. Christ's Lamb work is to be found throughout the Old and New Testaments and its pivotal importance for each of our lives is explored in depth. Challenging, absorbing and full of spiritual nourishment Robert Reymond has produced a unique devotional study.

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Jesus Divine Messiah: The New and Old Testament Witness

What does the Bible REALLY say about Jesus? Jesus Divine Messiah is a comprehensive source for all the evidence in the Bible concerning the divinity of Jesus by a scholar of international reputation. It is an updated and combined volume of Robert Reymond's two previous books on the subject.

"Takes great care to analyze various critical views of recent vintage and to show how they fail to give us a consistent picture of Christ. Probably not since H.P. Liddon's The Divinity of our Lord (1867) has such a massive defense of the deity of Jesus appeared in print. Dr. Reymond worthily functions in the train of Vos, Warfield, and Machen" ~ Roger Nicole, Late Professor of Theology, Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

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