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New Release - Women of Faith and Courage by Vance Christie

Gavin MacKenzie

God accomplishes significant things through imperfect people, and He deserves all the glory. Such a display of God's glory is manifest through some of the best-loved heroines of the Christian faith. In Women of Faith and Courage, readers discover the remarkable stories of Susanna Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Catherine Booth, Mary Slessor and Corrie ten Boom. Their lives spanned three centuries and their personal circumstances were each very different, but steadfast faith and undaunted courage is the constant resounding theme for each life.

Author Vance Christie gives us engaging narratives full of rich historical detail that reveal the uncommon faithfulness of these five women in evangelism, missions pioneering, ministries of compassion and the nurturing of their own families. As each woman's tale is told, her giftedness, resilience and compassion shines through. Each of these women models devotion to Christ and sacrificial service to His kingdom.

Women of Faith and Courage is really five short biographies in one volume. Across the pages of this unique book, the legacy of these women lives on to inspire and instruct contemporary believers-in living all of life for the glory of God.

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About the Author:

Vance Christie is a pastor and author best known for his vivid retelling of missionary stories. His other books include Timeless Stories: God's Incredible Work in the Lives of Inspiring Christians, David Brainerd: A Flame for God and John and Betty Stam: Missionary Martyrs. He and his wife, Leeta, live in Aurora, Nebraska and have three daughters.

For more about Vance Christie, read his author profile here at Christian Focus Booknotes.

Praise for Women of Faith and Courage:

"Nothing inspires me like reading about the lives of women who lived and died serving the Lord Jesus. Vance Christie has done a wonderful job of opening the lives of five women-sharing their strengths and weaknesses as well as their victories and tragedies.... for God to take ordinary women and use them in such extraordinary ways should give every woman a mandate to serve the Lord faithfully even if in the most humble circumstances!"

Dorothy K. Patterson ~ Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas

"The whole book has fascinated and intrigued me, and I am so grateful to Vance for putting so much hard work into the research, bringing to light so much 'new' material. He has written each life story in such a vibrant way, truly making each of the five women come alive."

Helen Roseveare ~ former missionary and noted author

"Your book, Women of Faith and Courage, shows in a beautifully-written and fascinating style, the faithful devotion of these women for Christ, and allows us to look deeply into their lives and ministries. I can highly recommend this book, and I hope women around the world will study it for personal spiritual growth and also in a group Bible study setting. Truly, these five women are role models for all of us today!"

Denise George ~ author, teacher, and speaker

"In days when sacrifice for Christ's sake is often sadly lacking in our churches there is much here to challenge and even disturb us."

Faith Cook ~ author

"Whether confronted with poverty, a self-centered husband, endless debt, physical disabilities, perennial illness, government persecution, destructive fires, or loneliness, they all found faith in Christ gave them a courage to overcome every obstacle and serve Him."

Diana Severance ~ a historian with broad experience teaching in universities and seminaries

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