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New Release - Enough by Helen Roseveare

Gavin MacKenzie

What is our motivation for serving Jesus? Is it so that we might have good health and be wealthy? Paul's letter to the Galatians tells us that the wealth or health prosperity gospel is no gospel at all! However what we can find is fullness in Christ and in him we find that indeed God is enough for us!

For more information about this book, and to the prologue, visit the product detail page at Enough is available from any of the following online retailers:, Cumberland Valley Books, Monergism Books,,, WTS Books or

About the Author:

Dr. Helen Roseveare went to the Congo in 1953. She has dedicated her life to serving others even in the deep trials of life. She pioneered vital medical work in the rainforests of what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is an internationally respected speaker with WEC ministries.

Praise for Enough:

"I can highly recommend this short, dynamic, God-centred book, and will be placing a copy in my church’s library tomorrow."

~Mandy Baker Johnson (

"I would highly recommend this book. New believers will have their eyes opened and be prepared for the trials that they will encounter. Seasoned saints will be reminded of God’s care for His children as their hearts resonate with Dr. Roseveare. Another refreshing aspect of this book is the honesty of the author with her own struggles."

~Cliff VanNostrand (

"It’s brevity commends this book to the ‘non-reader’. When I finished reading Digging Ditches I found myself wondering if Dr Roseveare would write again – Praise God she was given the ability and now in her latter years she can look back and say that Christ alone was indeed and is Enough."

~Elaine Wallace (

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