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New Release - The Last Word: Jesus' Teaching in the Upper Room by Wallace Benn

Gavin MacKenzie

The Last Word by Wallace Benn
The Last Word by Wallace Benn

The Farewell Discourse of our Lord, as recorded in John chapters thirteen through seventeen, shines with a pulsing incandescence because it contains Jesus’ intimate instruction to his twelve apostles on the night of his crucifixion.

In the flickering candlelight of the upper room, as the twelve reclined at the Passover table, Jesus clothed himself in a servant’s towel and midst an astonished silence washed each of the disciples’ feet. The result was a memorable exchange and mighty discourse brimming with essential truth and crucial theology for the Apostles and, indeed, all who would follow. Jesus crowned the evening with a prayer for himself, his apostles and all future believers, and then stepped out into the night and onto the cross.

The tone of The Last Word is pastoral and evangelistic and this is in keeping with the author’s long ministry as Vicar of St. Peter’s Harold Wood and, most recently, as Bishop of Lewes. The Gospel is preeminent throughout this book. Thus The last Word will not only be of great benefit for those who follow Christ, but also for those in need of his saving grace. Those who preach and teach the Word will find the author’s exegetical insights and practiced homiletics extremely helpful, as well as his wise pastoral insights and applications.

Adapted from R. Kent Hughes' foreword to The Last Word: Jesus' Teaching in the Upper Room by Wallace Benn (Christian Focus 2012).

Wallace Benn
Wallace Benn
About the Author:

Wallace Benn is the Bishop of Lewes in the Church of England. Previously he was the pastor of a large Anglican Church and is in demand as a conference speaker at events such as New Word Alive and New Horizons.

Praise for The Last Word: Jesus' Teaching in the Upper Room:

"When the head and the heart and the passions of the expositor are fully engaged in opening the biblical text, a fine commentary will result. That is what this book is."

-R. Kent Hughes ~ Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

"Simply but faithfully explained; warmly but carefully applied; Wallace's book based on Jesus' farewell teaching in John's gospel is devotional reading at its best, tasty food for the soul and enriching nourishment for the heart."

-Adrian Reynolds ~ Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust & Associate Minister, East London Tabernacle.

Where to Buy:

 The Last Word: Jesus’ Teaching in the Upper Room is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

The Last Word by Wallace Benn
The Last Word by Wallace Benn
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