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What Christians Believe by Jonathan Gould

Gavin MacKenzie

What Christians Believe by Jonathan Gould
What Christians Believe by Jonathan Gould
Have you ever felt like your mind is in a bit of a fog when it comes to spiritual things? In the preface to his book What Christians Believe, Jonathan Gould tells readers that this was his experience during the first two decades of his life. However, things began to change during his time at university. There he met some Christians who were different from those he'd encountered before. They lived their lives in a God-honouring way and shared clear teaching about Christian beliefs. These two things were instrumental in strengthening his relationship with Jesus Christ. Jonathan has carried these two practices of trying to live life in a God-honouring way and sharing clear teaching about 'what Christians believe' forward into his own ministry.

His new book What Christians Believe strives to share crystal clear teaching about core Christian beliefs. If you're a Christian who needs a bit of a refresher course or someone who wouldn't actually identify yourself as a Christian, but you're interested in learning more about these things, this book is written with both of you in mind. Below are the topics covered in the book:

  • Ch 1:  God and man (what God is like, and why God has made us)
  • Ch 2:  Common mistakes (common mistakes we tend to make about God and how to relate to God)
  • Ch 3:  Mark that man (the person of Jesus and what is claimed by him and for him)
  • Ch 4:  Facts or faith? (how matters of 'faith' relate to matters of 'fact')
  • Ch 5:  What's gone wrong with the world?
  • Ch 6:  Does God care?
  • Ch 7:  How can I know God?
  • Ch 8:  A life-changing message
  • Ch 9:  A real-life story

If you'd like to explore What Christians Believe a bit more, you can see the table of contents and read the preface on our website.


Praise for What Christians Believe:

"Here is a sane guide to a sane confidence in Christ. Jonathan Gould is blessed with a logical mind and a loving concern for people – I especially liked his answers to important questions at the end of each chapter. I have seen many people brought out of fog into faith under his ministry and hope this book will bring many more."

Simon Manchester

Senior Minister,

St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Sydney, Australia

"This book did my head and my heart a lot of good! I found real clarity for my mind and a renewed desire to know and serve the Christ in whom Christians believe."

Rico Tice

Author, Christianity Explored and Associate Minister,

All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

About the Author:

Jonathan Gould serves as the minister of St John’s, Downshire Hill, Hampstead. Prior to being ordained, he was a solicitor in a city law firm. He is married to Beth and they have four children.

Where to Buy:

What Christians Believe is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

What Christians Believe by Jonathan Gould
What Christians Believe by Jonathan Gould
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