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Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

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Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca Vandoodewaard
Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca Vandoodewaard
In today's world, we relocate for many reasons, and can be multiple times over the years. While this is often adventurous and exciting, we're all vulnerable to a host of human feelings in the midst of the new and unfamiliar. And homesickness sets in. From the well of her own life experiences, Rebecca VanDoodewaard offers practical guidance for those going through these life-changing experiences. Rebecca learnt that these times were often a catalyst for spiritual growth and reminded her of spiritual realities. It was an opportunity to meet new people, help others, practice hospitality and embrace new cultures. Special sections address the unique needs of children, single adults and pastors' families affected by moving and also how you can help someone experiencing homesickness.

About the Author:

Rebecca VanDoodewaard is a freelance editor. Her husband William VanDoodewaard is ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and serves as associate professor of church history at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They blog together at

Praise for Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians:

"Students, missionaries, pastors and pastor's wives, transferred employees, and mothers a long way from grandmothers many of us experience homesickness. Rebecca VanDoodewaard has written a book full of sympathy and wisdom for them all. She has both felt homesick and helped others feeling it in university and seminary settings. Her book guides us through the pitfalls and opportunities of leaving behind the precious and familiar. Above all, it gently reminds Christians that on earth they are always pilgrims on their way to a heavenly home, the only true paradise."

-Joel R. Beeke ~ President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Her advice is practical, centered on Christ and biblically sound with examples from her own experience and great saints of old beautifully weaved throughout the book. This book will encourage women in all stages of life to, not only survive a move, but to thrive in a new home."

-Keri Folmar ~ Pastor's wife from Dubai

"Much of this book reads as a manual for life situations, giving very good advice on a number of areas, including the need for spiritual preparation prior to moving; farewelling people and the need to prioritise; meditating on God's word; the importance of the church family; taking action rather than moping; and avoiding bitterness and laziness."

-Mairi Harman ~ Ocean Grove, Australia

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 Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca Vandoodewaard
Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca Vandoodewaard
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