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Radical Dating by Diane Montgomery, Gabrielle Pickle, and Sarah Bubar

Gavin MacKenzie

Radical Dating is a fun, comprehensive, Bible-based guide offering candid, relatable insight on guys, dating, singleness, purity, and true love. Most importantly, the authors point readers to the ultimate source of true love, Jesus Christ Himself and to deepen that relationship above all others. Here's a bit of the story behind the book:

"This book began as a blog, which started as a far-fetched dream of seminary girls sitting around a table in a sushi restaurant trying to figure out how to use our years of intense Biblical training to help girls apply God’s Word to everyday life. After much prayer and some research, the website was born! We use this writing ministry to provide girls with a resource on topics such as gender roles, relationships and applying Scripture to everyday life.

We are best friends. We’ve supported each other through graduations, mission trips, first jobs, and moving away. All three of us love sushi and have made ourselves positively sick on Diane’s homemade red velvet cupcakes. Even now that we have “grown up” and moved away from each other, somehow we still find time to talk, email and text…. way too often."

Diane, Sarah, & Gabrielle
Diane, Sarah, & Gabrielle
About the Authors:

Sarah Bubar, Gabrielle Pickle and Diane Montgomery – are best friends, study buddies, bridesmaids, and now ministry partners. They started the Unlocking Femininity blog to set the truth of Christ before women and girls in ways that connect with the female heart.

Praise for Radical Dating:

"These girls tell it like it is. They'll challenge you to align the why, how, who, what and when of your love life with the truth of God's Word. And nowadays ... that's a truly radical thing to do!"

-Mary A. Kassian ~ Author, Girls Gone Wise, Alberta, Canada.

"In Radical Dating, they grapple honestly, earnestly and winsomely with how young women can honor the Lord in their interactions with guys, and how bringing Him into those relationships-even into the disappointment of unfulfilled longings-can help cultivate Christ-like character."

-Nancy Leigh DeMoss ~ Author, Revive Our Hearts radio host, Niles, Michigan

Where to Buy:

Radical Dating is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

Radical Dating: When God takes over your love life by Diane Montgomery, Gabrielle Pickle, & Sarah Bubar
Radical Dating: When God takes over your love life by Diane Montgomery, Gabrielle Pickle, & Sarah Bubar
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